Windows & Doors

Australian architecture glistens in natural light. You want the very best glass to let it through. It must be as functional as it is stunning.

Speedie Glass is your gateway to visually stunning style and function, using only the finest Australian-made glass. Each window and door we install is crafted to fit perfectly into your home’s window frames and entryways. Every piece of glass is carefully inspected for flaws to ensure it will stand strong against the elements.

Our mobile service encompasses Ipswich- Brisbane, Lockyer Valley and surrounding areas.

Glass Doors Ipswich

Give your visitors a stunning welcome with an entryway that dazzles in both sun and moonlight. Our glass door options include:

  • Aluminium hinged designs that are as versatile and functional as they are attractive.
  • Sliding designs are perfect for allowing light into more compact spaces. Also available in multi-stack for larger openings to really open up the desired area to the outdoors. The perfect fit for entertaining areas.

Glass Windows Ipswich

We specialise in double-hung, sliding, hopper and louvred window designs with aluminium frames. Each one provides its own unique advantages.

  • Double-hung windows slide up or down, making them perfect for tall – skinny openings. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Sliding windows in ipswich are economical and easy to maintain, the standard with one fixed pane and another that slides smoothly on wheels along a track in the frame. Also available in other arrangements.
  • Hopper windows are the perfect choice for above-door entryways, as they open at the bottom, allowing fresh air in but keeping debris out.
  • Louvered windows are locked together on a vertical track, allowing them to be tilted open to whatever degree you choose to let the fresh air in. When at full tilt, they offer an unobstructed view and tremendous ventilation.

Mix and match window styles with aluminium frames

  • Aluminium frames are strong, durable and affordable, requiring minimal maintenance and perfectly suited to any home design. Available in a range of powder-coated or anodised colours.

Beware of Inferior Glass and Service

We use only Australian standard glass and carefully inspect every piece before it leaves our shop.

And different types of quality glass serve different purposes for your safety and security. That’s why it’s important you hire a licensed tradesman trained to know the differences to handle your glass replacement. We are a QBCC licensed member of Queensland’s Glass & Aluminium Association (GAAQ).


While we don’t require a deposit to begin a project, we do ask that you have your credit card or cash payment ready as we will collect it upon completion. Our work is guaranteed and your business is important to us. Every piece of glass is checked before it leaves our shop. However, if there’s a problem, we’ll come back and fix it at no extra charge as soon as possible.

Speedie Glass Replacement Services

Accidents happen that can threaten your safety and security. Our licensed glaziers offer a glass replacement service to supply and install any type, size and thickness of glass, for replacement or upgrades to toughened or laminated safety glass. Our mobile service encompasses Ipswich- Brisbane, Lockyer Valley and surrounding areas.

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