Glass Replacement

Speedie Glass are a family of licensed glass and mirror professionals who specialise in broken glass repair for cracked or smashed glass in windows, glass doors, mirrors, tabletops, shower screens and kitchen splash backs throughout suburbs in Brisbane, Ipswich and their surrounding areas.

Glass Replacement Ipswich & Brisbane

Our licensed glaziers supply and install any type, size and thickness of glass, for replacement or upgrades to toughened or laminated safety glass.

New glass installation (for example broken window glass replacement or broken glass door replacement) requires precision and a thorough understanding of materials required. Therefore, owner Paul Neumann take the time to ask the right questions before we come to your house and to make sure you’re totally satisfied with our work before we leave.

What to Expect When You Call Speedie Glass

When you ring us for glass replacement ipswich, please be prepared to answer a series of questions to help us save you valuable time and money and ensure your glass is cut to size to fit properly into its frame. Questions asked include the following:

  • Are you the homeowner or do you rent?

We need to know who carries the insurance and who is responsible for paying for the repair.

  • Is it a window or a door that’s been broken?

Please let us know whether you require broken glass door replacement and broken window glass replacement.

  • Whereabouts is the door or window?

There are national standards that regulate what rating of glass is to be used for different locations throughout a home.

  • If the break doesn’t pose an immediate threat to your home’s security, is there any way you can close off the area until we can come out?

Be safe. Don’t touch the glass with your bare hands and don’t throw away any parts associated with the frame. We have equipment that will safely remove as much glass as humanly possible. We will use the saved parts when we replace the glass. We do not carry accessory parts.

  • Is the frame made of aluminium or timber?
  • Are there steps leading to the door or window?
  • What is the estimated size of the glass needed?

This is your personal estimation. However, the more accurate the info, the more accurate the cost estimate.

The answers to these questions affect the materials, time and labour involved. And sometimes it’s just too difficult to quote a job over the phone. In these cases, we’ll come out and investigate what’s needed before issuing an estimate.

How Long Will it Take to Replace My Glass?

It depends on where the glass is going and what type of glass is to be installed. Normal window glass replacement is a one-day service. Toughened shower glass can take up to seven days.

Beware of Inferior Glass and Service

We use only Australian standard glass, and carefully inspect every piece before it leaves our shop.

And different types of quality glass serve different purposes for your safety and security. That’s why it’s important you hire a licensed tradesman trained to know the differences to handle your glass replacement. We are a QBCC licensed member of Australian Glass & Window Association (AGWA).


While we don’t require a deposit to begin a project, we do ask that you have your credit card or cash payment ready as we will collect it upon completion. Our work is guaranteed and your business is important to us. Every piece of glass is checked before it leaves our shop. However, if there’s a problem, we’ll come back and fix it at no extra charge as soon as possible.

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